The Sparkle Behind Our Products: Why We Choose Ethically Sourced Mica Powder

The Sparkle Behind Our Products: Why We Choose Ethically Sourced Mica Powder

The Sparkle Behind Our Products: Why We Choose Ethically Sourced Mica Powder

At Explicit Essentials, we believe in empowerment from the inside out. From our empowering messages to our carefully curated ingredients, every aspect of our products is designed to uplift and inspire. One of the key ingredients we use to add a touch of sparkle to our products is ethically sourced mica powder. But why do we choose ethically sourced mica, and what sets it apart? Let’s dive into the shimmering world of mica and discover why it’s the perfect choice for our empowering bath and body products.

What is Mica Powder?

Mica is a naturally occurring mineral known for its shimmering and reflective properties. It is commonly used in cosmetics and skincare products to add a touch of sparkle and shine. Mica powder is created by grinding mica into a fine powder, making it easier to incorporate into various formulations.

The Dark Side of Mica Mining

While mica powder adds a beautiful sparkle to cosmetics, the mining of mica has a darker side. In many parts of the world, including India and Madagascar, mica mining is associated with unethical practices such as child labor and unsafe working conditions. These practices not only exploit vulnerable communities but also harm the environment.

Our Commitment to Ethical Sourcing

At Explicit Essentials, we are committed to making ethical choices at every step of our production process. That’s why we choose to use ethically sourced mica powder in our products. But what does ethically sourced mica mean? We purchase our mica from a company called Mad Micas - Here is their ethics statement. 

Animal Cruelty Statement

  • Mad Micas has never tested any of our products or their individual ingredients/raw materials on animals and we never will.
  • Mad Micas will never purchase from any supplier or manufacturer whom we know to participate in any form of animal testing or cruelty.
  • Mad Micas suppliers certify to us that no raw material used in the production of mica or other products we purchase from them has been tested on animals.

Vegan Statement

  • All products we buy, sell or give away are 100% vegan. This includes refusing to carry any products colored using carmine.

Supply Line Ethics and Child Labor Statement

  • Mad Micas sources exclusively from ethical supply lines.
  • Mad Micas requires declarations from all suppliers stating that no minors participate in mining, factory work, transportation or any other process involved in the production of anything we carry.
  • Mad Micas will not source product from areas (for example, mica from India) in which there have been documented ethical transgressions.
  • The Mad Micas transport supply chain consists exclusively of major carriers like FedEx, UPS, and DHL and thus is free of forced or child labor.
Join Us in Sparkling Ethically

At Explicit Essentials, we believe that beauty should not come at the expense of human rights or the environment. That’s why we are proud to use ethically sourced mica powder to add a touch of sparkle to our empowering products. When you choose Explicit Essentials, you’re not just choosing high-quality skincare—you’re choosing to support ethical practices and make a difference in the world. Join us in sparkling ethically and empower yourself from the inside out.

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