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Bad Bitches At Work

We are a 100% women owned and operated company. Accounting, makers, order packers, photographers and social media management, etc it's all done by badass women

Badass Products For Badass Babes

Established in Queens, NYC, our mission is to create extraordinary products for fierce people.

We are dedicated to authenticity both in life and in our exceptional creations. Every single item we offer is meticulously crafted using the finest ingredients available.

  • Animal testing?

    Be so for real. We prioritize ethical practices. Our products are never tested on animals, so you can shop guilt-free.

  • Ingredients

    We use premium, ethically sourced ingredients in everything we do and use ethically sourced ingredients.

  • Small Batches

    We make our products in small batches so we don't need to use unnecessary, harmful preservatives.


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