12 Useful Ways to Recycle Your Explicit Essentials Products

12 Useful Ways to Recycle Your Explicit Essentials Products

As a beauty lover and hoarder of any product that is going to make my skin soft and smell good, I'm obsessed with buying lotions and scrubs and always end up with a million little plastic jars and containers lying around. I don’t know about you, but I always feel super guilty throwing things away that can be reused. Did you know that over 40% of plastic use in the world is used for packaging products, and only 14% of that actually gets recycled?

Instead of tossing the containers I try to make it a point to reuse them whenever I can. Not only is it better for the environment, but it also saves you a little money and is an excuse to get creative!

Here are some cool ways I reuse my plastic jars:

1. Desk Organizers

Keeping your workspace neat is important. Instead of letting those paper clips , push pins, and other small items collect at the bottom of your junk drawer, separating them into their own containers is a great way to stay organized. You can use one to hold pencils and pens too. You can even create labels for them by taking masking tape and a sharpie. Boom. You just spent $0 and your desk is nice and tidy.

2. Succulent Planter

I love keeping plants in the house, but buying pots and planters can get pricey. I like to make my own using different sized plastic containers, and small plastic jars are the perfect size for cute little succulents. Get out the acrylic paint and get creative with it!

3. Seedling Planter

Speaking of plants, if you like to garden, small jars are great for starting seedlings. It will make it much easier to remove the seedling out when it's time to transfer it. Just don’t forget to give them plenty of water!
4. Easy Nail Polish Remover
Make a mess and waste free nail polish remover jar for less than a fraction of the price of a store bought one: simply take a small foam sponge (can be found at any dollar store) and cut a slit about a half an inch deep, slightly squish the sponge insert it into the jar with the slit facing upwards, then take some acetone based nail polish remover and fill the jar up about to about 3/4th., Insert your finger into the sponge and watch as it easily removes the nail polish!
5. Bathroom Organizers
No one likes a cluttered bathroom. Plastic jars are just the right size for holding small bathroom items such as cotton balls, q- tips, flossers, and bobby pins. You can get creative with this one too.. paint the jars to match your bathroom decor, and you can even get fancy with it and get some small knobs from a craft store and hot glue gun them on the lids to add style and make opening and closing the containers easier.
6. Travel Containers

Instead of going out and buying travel sizes of your fave products when going on a trip, put some in small plastic jars to save money, save space in your luggage, and avoid any spills.

7. Make Your Own Candles
This one is my personal favorite. Candles can be expensive and I've found that making your own is way cheaper, much more fun, and you can customize them to look and smell however you want. You can purchase candle wax and wicks at most craft stores or online, and if you like scented candles try adding essential oils and dried flowers or herbs. Food coloring can also be added to make them whatever color you wish. Pour the melted candle wax into small containers, let them cool, and in a couple hours you have your own handmade candles!
8. Arts and Crafts Storage
If you have kids at home, plastic containers can come in handy for storing small craft items such as crayons, glitter, beads, googly eyes, and slime. The best part is that the plastic is shatter proof so they're safe and kid-friendly. They can also be painted for added creativity!
9. Snacks On the Go

Rather than spending money on plastic baggies, plastic jars can be used to carry snacks with you wherever you go. Stick them in your purse or the kids lunch box, best part is they can't shatter and the container is airtight so the snacks stay fresh and no accidental messes.

10. Date Night Fund

Fill up the jar with quarters and once it's full, cash out and use it towards dinner with your significant other, a friend, or just yourself if you're single and independent!

11. Perfect Dessert Portion Cups

Instead of buying snack pack pudding or jello, create your own perfect snack size cups. Take your jello or pudding mix and divide it equally among jars with lids on, then put in the fridge until cooled. Easy and waste free!

12. DIY Fairy Jar

A fun craft for the kids or for you if you love crafts as much as i do.. All you need for this one is your jars, a paint brush, and some glow in the dark paint. Water and glitter can be added for some extra sparkle, but it's optional. Remove the lid from the jar and take your paint brush and your glow paint and paint a bunch of dots on the inside of the jar... dots can be different sized and as many or little as you want. Once paint is dried you can add water and glitter to the inside of the jar then put the lid back on tightly. Now you have yourself a little glow in the dark “fairy” jar.. Super easy and looks so cute!

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